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Patient Reviews

“Before I came to see Dr. Drazic I had problems walking and my back and neck were sore. After a few treatments, I felt much better and noticed a big improvement. Each visit I noticed I felt much better. I am very pleased with Dr. Drazic and his staff is great. I have recommended Dr. Drazic to many of my friends. “
 Mike Bigelow


“I saw an ad on the internet about laser treatment and I had tried everything else. So I decided to give it a shot.  I’ve had a bad back for the last 30 years.  I had pain every day.  I was miserable when it hurt.  My life has changed 100%.  Family and friends have noticed a change too.  I’m not in pain and everything is so much better.  It’s unbelievable.  I have tried probably every chiropractor, doctor and pill and nothing has ever worked.  This works.”

 Mike M., (Factory Assembly Worker) Back Pain

“Before coming to Dr. Drazic, I could hardly walk.  I couldn’t climb the stairs to get to bed.  I was experiencing a lot of pain in my knees.  I first heard about Lakeview Chiropractic on Facebook.  Dr. Drazic was advertising cold laser therapy, a non-invasive treatment for knee pain and I was intrigued.  I did some research and decided to make an appointment for a consultation.  Since having treatments, my life has totally changed.  I have no pain in my knees anymore.  I’m able to climb the stairs and sleep in my own bed again.  I’m able to ice skate again, climb ladders and do other activities I wasn’t able to do before starting treatment.  The staff is very friendly and professional.  The office is comfortable, calm and relaxing.  I would recommend Dr. Drazic and his staff to anybody.  Once I find and believe in something that actually works, I’m not shy about telling people about it.  I am very satisfied with my overall experience at this office.”

– Frank P., (Retired) Knee pain

“I’m basically able to do everything again.  When I was in pain, it was dreadful to actually go to work.  My job relies on my body because I train the highest level athletes inhockey.  For me to do my job I have to perform and show them how things are done at a high speed and high functioning.  So for about 2 ½  years, I would be dreading to go on the ice or train because I had so much pain.  I would have limited mobility and I was losing a lot of my strength. So after getting treated, I’m back to 100% now so I can do my job properly.  Also, with my workouts I was limited to all my pulls and range of motion. I was a severe case.  My range of motion is better and I’m literally pain free.  I never thought it would happen.  I was scared! I thought it was a career-ender.  For 2 years I thought it was going to come to an end, for real.  I was very sceptical any time I’ve gone to a chiropractor, I would get cracked, and I wouldn’t feel any relief to be honest with you.  What I like about this experience is the first thing walking into the office is very professional but very comfortable. The staff is very nice, it’s awesome and that’s the way I like to have my business run. I think what impressed me the most was that Dr. Dave made me get an x-ray.  That was the starting point, and I was resistant.  I was like why do I need this stupid x-ray?  Just fix me.  But through that x-ray he was able to educate me on what was going on with my body and my spine.  It made me feel like if we do these steps we can pinpoint what’s wrong and fix me.  It was impressive how he walked me through what’s going to take place.  I actually showed everybody that, my friends, my wife my family.  I said look how awesome this is.  I know exactly what’s going to happen.  It took a lot of guessing out of what type of work was going to get done then I can see the improve as we went.  Every appointment that we had he always walked through, if you got better or if you’re healing a little bit more.  You can actually see it instead of just thinking about it.  I was in so much pain.  I am able to work at 100%. I think people are crazy if they don’t see Dr. Dave if they have a problem.”

– Andy P., (Owner Powertech Hockey) Extreme back and arm pain for 2 ½ years

“I was in pain 24/ 7.  My pain was 10 out of 10 and I was praying for help for my knees. I’m not going for surgery and did my research.  I knew this was the best step for me. Dr. Drazic was very confident, sincere and very encouraging with me.  I see a lot of improvement; I can sleep at night, where I couldn’t before. The treatments have been fantastic.  Dr. Drazic and staff are phenomenal and the atmosphere is relaxing.  The wait time in the office blew my mind.  The staff works very well as a team”

– Gloria B. (Retired) Low Back Pain and knee pain

“I sought the help of Dr. Drazic for low back and neck pain. I read about Lakeview Chiropractic in the Windsor Star and made an appointment because I’ve been taking pain pills every morning for 30 years. As a result of my treatments with Dr. Drazic, I’m pain free! Most days I’m pain free and now I’m not taking pain pills anymore. I’m able to enjoy bird watching again. I don’t have severe pain and I don’t have to hold my head up anymore. The office is very homey, comfortable and non-threatening. I always recommend Dr. Drazic to friends and family who might be suffering with pain.”

 – Marg C., (Retired) Low back and neck pain  

“During a soccer game, I was hit by another player, which led to consistent pain in my lower back. I was in pain for several months, getting physiotherapy and doing stretches but nothing was working. I had to stop playing soccer for six months. Since being treated by Dr. Drazic, my back pain has diminished to the point where I am able to play soccer again – I’m feeling much better! The practice is very welcoming and friendly and I would definitely recommend it to a family or friend.”  

– Danica K., (Student) Low Back Pain, Sporting Injury

Brian“I have less overall pain. I have more range of motion in the legs, less pain, and am able to stand straighter. The atmosphere and staff are great! I feel 95% better.”

– Brian D., (Truck Driver) Knee Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain for 20 years


“I was experiencing very bad pain in my knees. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain. It was terrible. Now I can sleep at night and care for more household duties. My pain level went from a 10 before treatment to a 1 or 2 now. Now I only have occasional soreness. I wasn’t expecting to be able to dance at my grandson’s wedding, but after my treatments, I did – and without a cane! I am very pleased with the results that I’ve gotten.”

– Nancy S., (Retired) Knee and Back Pain for 8 years

“My right knee was very painful. My shoulders were extremely painful – getting dressed was excruciating. Since my treatment, my shoulders have improved. Getting dressed and driving has gotten easier. And walking and standing is painless with my knee now. I have more flexibility in my shoulders and my knee, there is less irritation. Certainly, I’ve experienced improvement and have been able to postpone knee surgery. The atmosphere at the practice is very comfortable, clean and professional. I would absolutely recommend Lakeview Chiropractic – I’ve told so many people. I can’t believe that this treatment could be so good!”

– Mary Lou B., (Retired) Knee and hip pain, Shoulder pain for 20 years

Art“I was having pain from my knees down to my feet. When I would sleep, the pain would wake me up.  Now I’m able to sleep all night long. I don’t wake up with
pain, and the tingling in my feet has subsided quite a bit. Dr. Drazic is very thorough in what he does. I was not able to do everything before, but now my pain has subsided. The staff is very cordial and polite. I would recommend Dr. Drazic to anybody! He is very good at what he does. I would definitely rate the practice an A+.”

– Art M., (Semi Retired) Back and knee pain for 2 1/2 years

Roger“I had lower back pain which was affecting my left leg, off and on for a couple of years.  I heard about Lakeview Chiropractic through a friend: he gave a recommendation and said Dr. Drazic helped him.  Now I have less pain, especially when walking.  The atmosphere is very good, friendly.  For me, the hours and location are great.  If the atmosphere wasn’t as good as it is, I wouldn’t be back.  I would definitely recommend the practice to family and friends.  Dr. Drazic is a very nice man.”

– Roger R., (Retired) Low back pain for 2 years

“As a result of treatment from Dr. Drazic I now have less spasms and a decrease in my low back and tailbone pain. After having treatment I feel my internal organs seem to be functioning better and my bowel movements returned to normal. I feel much stronger than I did prior to my treatment. The biggest benefit I received from my treatment here would be the level of independence that I know I have. Since receiving treatment I have an incredible decrease in muscle spasms and as a result was able to stop taking injections for the muscle spasms. I heard about Dr. Drazic and his office at Lakeview Chiropractic from an ad in the Windsor Star that seemed to  pertain directly to me and my symptoms. I decided to give the office a call and book an appointment. I would most definitely recommend Lakeview Chiropractic and Dr. Drazic to anyone suffering form any pain or injury.”

– Kaz W., Low back/Leg Pain/ Irritable Bowel Syndrome for 18 years

“After receiving treatment from Dr. Drazic I have much less pain, also problems that I did not know were related to my pain were eliminated as a result of treatment. The treatment I receive with Dr. Drazic is 100 percent better than any alternate form of treatment I received any where else. Other treatments did not provide me any relief from pain at all. After receiving treatment I am now able to wear shoes, have pedicures and drive long distances, as the pain in my feet has decreased substantially. I can also golf and play other sports. My calf pain is completely gone and my arms no longer fall asleep, my pain level went from a 20 to a 1. I decided to see Dr. Drazic after being referred by my brother who is a patient and has found great relief. I would recommend Lakeview Chiropractic to anyone suffering with neuropathy or pain of any sort. I have seen a 98 percent improvement overall.”

– Ellen H., (Hair Stylist) Low Back Pain with Sciatica/Foot Neuropathy for 3 plus years

“Since receiving treatment the duration and severity of my headaches has decreased greatly. My restless leg syndrome has also improved. Other treatments I have received did not give me any change in symptoms, only after visiting Dr. Drazic did I see any improvement. Since receiving treatment I am able to return to general everyday activities that I was unable to prior to treatment, my overall health has improved. I would say that the greatest benefit from treatment was the improvement in my health and the positive attitude that followed as a result of the improvements. Since receiving treatment my range of motion has increased and migraine severity improved. I decided to see Dr. Drazic after I was referred from my sister who also receives  Chiropractic treatment and found great results. I would recommend anyone suffering form any health issues to visit Dr. Drazic. Since receiving treatment I would say I have an 80% Improvement in my quality of life.”

– Barb P., Migraine Headheaches/Restless Leg Syndrom for 10 plus years

“The treatment I received from Dr. Drazic gave me my life back! Unlike other treatments, I found long lasting effects from the treatment I received at Lakeview Chiropractic. I am no longer depressed and have regained my independence. I am now walking five days a week for one hour at a time, dancing and having fun again. My muscles are no longer tight and I am much more limber thanks to Dr. Drazic. I feel I have gained at least an 85% improvement overall and am now able to carry on with a normal, relatively pain free life once again.”

– Gloria S., (Homemaker) Low Back pain for 20 plus years

“The treatment I received from Dr. Drazic took away the pain and helped me to walk and stand for longer periods of time. I am now able to return to activities that I enjoy like walking and gardening. The most exciting benefit that I received would be NO PAIN! My mid back pain is gone and I am able to stand up straight again. I feel a 100% improvement since having treatment with Dr. Drazic and would definitely recommend the pro adjuster to anyone who is suffering in any way.”

– Myra K., (Homemaker) Back/Neck/Shoulder pain for 20 years

“The treatment with the pro adjuster has had an immediate benefit and longer lasting relief than any other alternative treatment I have received. I have quickly regained range of motion, pain is much lower and my need for medication has greatly decreased. Since receiving treatment I am able to tie my own shoes, dress with ease, regained balance, and increased my fine motor skills. After less than 10 visits I went from feeling foggy headed to a clear head, de creased pain in the back and neck and was able to eliminate most of my medication. Thanks to the pro adjuster I feel alert and ready to face my day with a clear head. I would recommend anyone who is suffering from pain to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Drazic and see the difference that the pro adjuster will have on your life!”

– John L., (Therapist) Back/Neck pain for 4 years

“Since having treatment with the pro adjuster the feeling in my legs has returned, the numbness and tingling went away along with decreased hip and leg pain. Other treatments were causing more pain and flare ups unlike the pro adjuster which gave me an immediate reduction in pain with no flare ups or physical stress. I have now regained balance and am able to walk without the fear of falling. I can stand for longer periods of time, have less pain and pressure in my neck and have a decrease in headaches. The biggest benefit for me was understanding how the spine was affecting my entire body, along with the hope of not living in pain as a result of my treatments with the pro adjuster. This has been my biggest improvement in five years from ANY OTHER treatment! I would recommend the pro adjuster to anyone suffering physically or mentally.”

– Deleana S., (Casino Worker) Headaches/Neck/Back/Leg pain for 5 years

“Treatment with the pro adjuster has brought my life back to where it should be! I can ride my motorcycle and work on my house again. As a result of treatment received from Dr. Drazic the pain in my neck is gone! I would recommend this treatment, this works and I have tried everything!”

– Bob P., (Retired) Neck/Shoulder/Arm Pain for 6 weeks

“I couldn’t sleep because of my leg pain. Walking was very difficult before. I can walk as much as I want now and I’m sleeping through the night. This treatment helped me more than anything else I’ve tried. I don’t take pain killers anymore!”

– Chrissanthy G., (Homemaker)

“I used to have tingling and pain. I couldn’t do anything because of it. This treatment helped me immensely. My arm feels normal again. Also, I have no more migraines since getting treated! I highly recommend this treatment.”

– Linda R., (Retired) 

“I now have increased flexibility and less tightness in my low back.  I am able to return to lower body exercises, which I was unable to do prior to treatment.  I’m now able to sit for longer periods of time.  My low back would seize if I sat longer than ten minutes before.  I have seen an 85% improvement overall since receiving treatment.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Drazic.  He’s helped me a lot.”

– Josh D., (Mold Maker) Low back pain for 2.5 years

“I now have feeling back in my toes.  The numbness has gone away.  I am able to ride my motorcycle for longer periods of time.  My calf cramps have dramatically improved.  I avoided surgery, which is great!  I would highly recommend Dr. Drazic.”

– Joel B., (Retired) Low back pain with leg pain & numbness for 20+ years